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I Can't Eat Another Bite!


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Decided to righteously break in my new iron skillet tonight. Seared a 1.56lb bone-in ribeye then roasted it in the oven with garlic butter and onions. For sides I also cooked up some corn on the cob and parmesan. Here's the before and after.





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I see your a good Boy and ate all of your veggies! [emoji38]



With garlic and parmesan how can you not? That asparagus was like candy.

There's one thing I've figured out over the years around here, our members sure do eat well. :thumbs:

Got to love a good steak here and there.

Get down, Crafty. That's a whole lotta beef.

25oz of heaven!

I see you like rare steak too!

Yup, cooked just enough so the tough ligaments and what not are gone.
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Looked good.

I got scared when i saw the words before and after tho....


Should of seen the baby back ribs I cooked on my new Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Smoker last night. They were literally show quality look and taste!





Smoked chicken and corn from last weekend


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