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My link screen going out intermittently

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 've got a 2014 Silverado 1500 and I'm having problems with the touch screen going out intermittently. It will go completely blank most of the time when I'm putting the truck in reverse which activates the backup camera. I get a completely blank screen and then the Rosen screen comes back but never fully powers back up. And the control buttons for all that are losing the backlighting. Anybody else having any similar issues and anybody know how to fix it such as a reflash of the computer or? Kind of at a loss on this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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^^^ Good advice here.  My screen was completely black a couple weeks back and once the truck would warm up the screen would eventually start flashing and working on and off.  The next time I got in it it would do it again.  Took the glove box apart, made sure the wires were connected and it hasn't done it since.

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Thanks for the replies gentleman on The Back-up Camera issue.I noted that winn 0040 said that his would start working properly when the truck warmed up. IDK if that is operating temperature or cab temperature, but it's been in the high 40s to mid 50s the last few days in KC and mine has started functioning again as it normally would. Haven't had a chance to take the glove box out but I did find a USB cable coming out of it and have no idea what it's for or what it's attached to. So if anybody has any info on that I would appreciate it. And it looks like that it's been moved because there's only about a foot of it that will actually clear the lower glove box. So unless you were sitting in the passenger seat, it would probably be very difficult to hook up a laptop. Or is this something the dealer uses to hook up their diagnostic computer? Another thing that crossed my mind was that I use my phone on Bluetooth to listen to Pandora while I'm driving. Wondering if that might be causing some kind of interference with the module for the back up camera? I'm not sure of when I'm going to be able to get the glove box out due to my work hours this time of year. May have to take a personal day to do it. Again thanks to everyone that replied and anything I find out I'll pass along.

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On 11/11/2017 at 4:47 PM, 99silveradoz71 said:

They did a software  update that fixed mine.

I just had this done on my 2015i GMC...blower motor and screen went blank and or off. Update fixed the problem and my radio stays on the right channel when I restart the truck.


Sierra Boy

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