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Unhappy customer

Chevrolet wheel bearings

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I just want readers to know and understand that Chevrolet wheel bearings can fail at 74000 km. These are not covered under regular warranty. Repair to my 2015 Malibu is $600 and it is not covered under warranty. This part should not fail at that mileage and I will never buy a Chevrolet again.

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1) Are you the original owner, or did you buy it used? 

2) Many times repair shops replace things that don't need to be replaced in order to make more money. 

3) You can replace that part yourself in an hour or two for less than $100

4) Manufacturer defects DO happen

5) Just because one part failed, you feel that Chevy is garbage? Some times kids get cancer - so that means all people are garbage? 


What I'm "driving" at here, is that sometimes "it" happens. Maybe you got worked over by the repair shop, maybe aliens pee'd on your wheel bearings, maybe your car got hit by lightening 6 months ago, and it somehow shorted out through your wheel bearing. Maybe the guy working in manufacturing plant was hung over and didn't set the gap tolerance properly when making your bearings. Maybe you loaned the car to someone and they beat the hell out of that wheel on speed bumps or a curb. 


Don't give up on a brand over one issue. Chevy is not going to give you a free car just because you make some random rant on a forum. 


Forgive my candor, I am just trying to express my feeling about this  issue. 



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My 2010 silverado has 260,000 miles on the wheel bearings.

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cant compare a truck to a car the car has smaller bearings and smaller wheels a pot hole that a truck can glide over because of larger wheels can take a wheel bearing out on a car

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