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Considering picking up an XFE for highway commuting.  For those that have them, what kind of MPGs do you get on gasoline at 70 mph or the speeds you travel at?  Please describe what you're driving too as the XFE was used on the SUV and Pickups.

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just get a hybrid  i know they have their issues  but   they keep AFM to 80MPH  which will net about 32-34mpg in Floridaland  at exactly 69mph with CC Off

assuming you don't use mud tires lol 😬


with CC it keeps going into V8 which will kill it down to 24-26 or so  


The XFE will only get about ½ MPG more then the normal one




I got 23.9 today  a bit less then before but I was going faster 78mph or so to keep AFM  ..



a new battery will help a lot  as well as using 93  octane   (timing can be advanced alot  by 42 degrees peak i  have seen with a live data reader :) :) :))

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