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Please Help: V805.1 Navigation SD Card Error

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On 1/31/2020 at 12:54 PM, OILERS55 said:

Resolved.  Simply changed the Nav SD card switch from the down toward the contacts position to the up toward the driver position and my errors have not returned.  


1. found my Nav SD card

2. removed Nav SD card - found the slide switch on the side of the SD card in the down position

3. put switch in the up position and reinserted

4. all while ignition was off

5. no more of the errors I was showing, see previous post, are reoccuring

6. my issue is resolved!

That "switch" is the write protect tab. The error message you were getting should never be cryptic for something so basic.  Have you gone through the manual since fixing it to see if they have it there, but written in such a way that you would have needed to know the answer in order for the message to be meaningful. 


That's one of my pet peeves.  It's real common for tech support for computer software.  You tell then you are new, you have no idea of how it works, and you ask your question.  The first answer you get reads like it was a multipage answer, and they didn't send the first page.  Or they use non-specific terms for parts names, and the rest of the response is written like you already know the answer.  


If this ends up fixing your issue you may want to send off a message to the service manager of the dealership that couldn't fix it so maybe the next person with the issue gets it fixed right away.   Don't know if manufacturers still send out service bulletins or not, but if they do that fix should be documented.  When I was a mechanic at a Chrysler dealership, every mechanic got a package every month with all the new service bulletins.  I still have a big box of them somewhere. 

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My truck has/had the same issue, but my findings were different....exactly the opposite actually.  After reading this thread I went out and popped out the SD card, found the write protect tab already in the position away from the pins.  


1. Found write lock tab in position away from pins

2. Slid tab down to be closer to pins, reinserted

3. Powered truck on, got the same message

4. Went to NAV, and hit ok on the warning message about initializing

5. Powered truck off

6. Powered truck back on, warning message did not display

7. Powered truck back off

8. Removed SD card and moved write lock tab to position farther away from pins, reinserted

9. Powered truck on, initially received a message stating that SD card had been removed, went away and GPS worked normally

10. Powered truck off and back on

11. GPS initialized with no error messages whatsoever


My goal here was to recreate the issue once I found what resolved it, which I was unable to do.  It is almost as though you have to remove the card, move the write lock tab, and confirm the message on initialization and it doesn't matter which position the write lock tab resides.  An odd one for sure. 



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After updating to 807 and replacing the SD Card and card receptacle, GM now wants to replace the radio control module, which requires two visits, one where they need to get the number off the current unit and another to replace same.


I want them to go to back to 509, the last known working version which had no problem at all.


Has anyone been successful in getting a dealer to go back to an earlier software version?


Any other updates anyone? Please provide the latest status.


Thank you.

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Hello everyone. Hope all is well. Any updates on this anyone? Please do advise soon. My best.

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I have a 2020 GMC Acadia and with less than 2000 miles and I was experiencing the exact same issue.  The dealer has already replaced the card and ensured led me this was a rare occurrence.  I am at 2952 miles and just got the same exact SD Card Error message.  

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