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Tom Hole

Level or lift 2015 2500HD

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Wanted to see what the front end geometry does if I decide to level the truck.  Stock has a pretty good rake and it takes 2.25" of front lift to level the truck.  I also looked at an intermediate level of 1 3/8".  Here's the pics:

Stock, 1 3/8" lift, 2.25" lift


To my eye, level looks best.  But I would have to bag it for towing.  I'm ok with that.  

Now let's look at the front end to see if I can just crank the torsion keys to level it, or if I need more. (stock, 1 3/8", 2.25")


Dang, anyone who just levels it with a new torsion key is really doggin' the UCA and the drive shaft.  If I went full level, I would do a diff drop and get new UCAs.

But I think that intermediate position @ 1 3/8" is OK.  It improves the look a bit, I shouldn't need bags for towing and the suspension bits look OK.  I have the torsion keys on the way so I think I will do just over an inch with them and check things out.  If I want to go full level, I will add the diff drop, new UCAs and bag the rear end (adding $800 to the bill).

Would appreciate any thoughts from the collective FR experience.  


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You, sir, are correct. Your'e on the right track. Running skinny 35's with keys, diff drop, 5160's with shock spacer, BDS steering stabilizer, UCA's, rear bags, and a bumper that lets nothing touch. I added the ready Lift UCA's at the end, and they made all the difference in the world for ride. They freed up the front suspension movement, got the alighnment back on track. I get in and out of my truck like 50 times a day it seems, so I don't want a lift, just a little level, and I'm good. Hope you figure out what you want, these are great trucks.


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Well, I think I am going to lower the rear and throw bags on.   A lot simpler and cheaper.  If I don’t like it I can always raise the front. 

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Rear shackles are in. That was easy.  Love it.  Now to put the air bags on and adjust the headlights.  It’s sitting perfectly level with the ground now. 



Edited by Tom Hole

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