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Trail Boss 2019 Tow Mirrors

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I have a 2019 LT Trail Boss and it has just the stock mirrors that don't have lights on them or anything. Wondering if there is OEM tow mirrors for the 2019 that will work. I know I could find aftermarket but like to stick with OEM. would also like to make sure they have defrost on them as mine stock ones do.  I'm also fine if they come with lights and they work. and if anyone has any pictures of the 2019 trail boss with tow mirrors that would be awesome!

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GM didn't offer tow mirrors on the 2019 1500's.


The 2019 HD's were the old body style with the old mirrors.


I believe others have made the '20 and newer tow mirrors work on the new body style 2019's. 


Sorry I don't have p/n or harness info.

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i just installed on my 2019 trail boss no harness yet lost window switch functions and mirror switch functions, i installed the driver side small mirror back on with passenger tow mirror and that gave functions to the passenger tow mirror. i would like to think a 2020+ window mirror switch would fix this

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