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Fake trail boss lift

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31 minutes ago, AJMBLAZER said:

Basically that is the same.


TrailBoss has longer CV axles but I'm planning on running my stockers until they need replaced, then upgrading to TB units.

I thought about that but people are running 2.5 in leveling kits with no issue. Maybe the new angle would get rid of my axle jingle they don’t have a fix for yet lol

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5 hours ago, Stiffler said:

If I bought bilstien 5100 for a trail boss and add a 2 in rear lift block to the rear wouldn’t that work the same as buy the gm kit? I know the gm kit doesn’t cone with Uca’s.  Has any one done the this setup 

Everybody and their momma has done that setup, or something similar.  Roll with it, its a good setup and you wont be disappointed.


However, the axle jingle is a known issue and I would get that fixed before doing any suspension changes.  The suspension has nothing to do with the jingle (your gonna need a new front gear housing) but I wouldn't want to give GM any reason to TRY and deny the repair.


See this for the jingle...


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