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Compatible Wireless Charger part numbers

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I have a 2016 Sierra Denali with factory wireless charging in the lid, but it doesn't work with my Samsung S21 Ultra. I've read that the charging module can be upgraded to work with new phones. 13521066 seems to be the most common part number used, but after looking on Ebay I've found 13521065 which appears to be physically identical. Does anyone know if this model of wireless charger works with my truck, as well as @pgamboa's upgrade harness? Thanks in advance!


Update: 13521065 is the wireless charger for the T1XX trucks, but it works perfectly fine in my K2XX with the harness.

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I went ahead and bought part #13521065 after confirming with Phil that the electrical connections are the same. It was $50 while most of the 1066 chargers are $100+. After a bit of research, I found that the main difference is that 1065 supports 15w fast charging while 1066 does not. I'll post again with my results once I get it and the adapter installed. 

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I just got done installing it, it works perfectly with my phone as long as the case isn't on it. With a case, my phone is a tiny bit too wide which makes it not lay flat against the rubber. Does anyone know if there is a way to either mod the existing bezel to be smaller, or a replacement bezel for sale that is smaller?


EDIT: I did the trick where you flip the tray around and cut off the little bump that makes it fit one way. My Galaxy S21 Ultra now wirelessly charges perfectly even with the case on.

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