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Rear Suspension Clunk - 2021 Silverado Crew 4WD

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Driving out of the lot with 8miles on the odometer, I heard a clunking sound going down the driveway. Thinking it was the retractable steps or spare tire, we pulled over and checked. Both were tight. Bounce up and down on the rear bumper, silence. I drove off wondering what this sound could be? 1000 miles on cehicle and I hear this annoying sound at low speed whenever there is side-to-side movement. I’ve been by the dealer twice and the service Mgr says Chevy is aware of the problem (leaf springs) but does not have a part fix for it yet. Does anyone have a solution to fix this - at least until GM designs a part, manufactures the part, distributes the part and finally I’m able to schedule an appointment?

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Check this out, had a similar problem (though not that loud and typically happened when going over the driveway curb), had the dealer perform this service (about a year ago) ....solved the problem and hasn't reoccurred since!



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