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Started up the 09 Avalanche the other day only to hear a new rattle while standing next to her putting stuff into the passenger side interior. Can't be heard from inside the cab at least not with my ears, I've pinpointed the noise to the, I think it's called the post cat converter or the third cc, please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways it sounds as though the substrate is breaking down or coming apart. My question is "can I delete this if indeed it is a cat, since there is no o2 sensor here" and if I can is there a chance of trouble codes haunting the old girl, I really do not want any problems of any sort in this area.

If anyone has any knowledge with this area could you chime in please, it'll be much appreciated.thanks in advance.

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It can be removed with no problems.


I'd just unbolt the cat-back system and look inside the pipe to see if it's coming apart. If it is you probably can just punch out the rest with a chisel or long screw driver and vacuum all the stuff out. Or remove the y-pipe and punch it all out. In my opinion it's better than welding a straight section into the exhaust.

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