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2022 Refreshed Sierra-Data Usage

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2 hours ago, jan souman said:


I tried but no results.

when vehicle hotspot off it block also adding other wifi.

see picture image.thumb.jpg.387878e07ae2182e4add5a66baff478f.jpg

Hmm thats weird. Maybe try to turn the trucks wifi hotspot on, it can stay on even if there is no data. In my situation I have the trucks wifi hotspot on, wireless android auto connected and my phone hotspot connected as a WiFi network.


Maybe mine has something to do with my wireless android auto being connected too, but I am pretty sure it works when i disconnect that too.

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So, OnStar told me to take the truck to the dealership, since they couldn't solve the problem. The dealership changed the VCIM (Vehicle Communication Interface Module). Also, make sure on your truck, you have Settings>Connections>Wi-Fi Hotspot>Share Hotspot Data>Off

On your phone (I have an iPhone), go to Settings>Wi-Fi and 'Forget' your truck's network so that it doesn't try to join.

I got OnStar to reinstate my 3GB data plan so I'll keep you informed if the truck is still using data.

Unfortunately, the myGMC app is funky, and it just has a spinning 'Updating...' thing.

OnStar said to call them back in a couple of days.

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I have the same issue with my denali ultimate I hope they fix this as there is 0 reason for these trucks to use the data they do. I have turned off vehicle to phone shareing downloaded offline maps on my wifi etc... it seams to make 0 difference. Also as others have said being in canada we get bent over the barrel for the data plans..... my truck has only been driven for 3 hours total this month and I am down to 100mb of data left


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aeroplague, take your truck to the dealer. Tell the dealer that OnStar couldn't get to the bottom of it and have them replace the VCIM module. I had 17 phone calls with OnStar, each one over an hour long. They are useless but, if you complain, they will give you complimentary data back. You can monitor your data usage with the myGMC app to see if it is fixed. Make sure you do the things I noted above on Aug 24th.

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For my fellow Canadians that can't get unlimited data from AT&T...Hopefully this explains why our data runs out so quickly.


I decided to renew my data subscription so I could test a few things out and monitor the data usage. Before adding the 5Gb of data I turned off everything that potentially draws data including the Automatic Offline Map Updates in Privacy. I activated my data and went for a drive. The live traffic etc was working, however, I noticed the speed limit indicator in the HUD and dash was still blank.  I was back in my driveway at this point and started playing around with settings. I connected to my home wifi so as not to burn up any vehicle data.  I thought maybe the speed limit info is pulled from the offline maps (which I did not have any downloaded).  I went to manually download an offline map for my area (Calgary, AB) and when the default map window popped up it had a good portion of Calgary covered, but not all of it, and the suggested download size was nearly 1Gb in size!  How is this even possible!? After thinking for a few minutes I could not figure out why the map file was so large.  What I discovered, almost by accident, is baffling. I usually use google maps with "heading up" or in perspective mode as opposed to "North up". I decided to switch to North Up and go back into the Offline Map and manually download the same map...the suggested download size in North up mode was only 40Mb...25 times smaller. The point of all this is that if you have your map set to perspective mode and your offline maps set to automatically update (as I did prior to this test) you will burn through your data plan in a matter of hours. I monitored my data usage today and the system still uses a good amount of data even with every setting possible shut off but not to the same extent that it did before.


I'm not sure if this is an isolated glitch in the mapping software in my truck (and a few others) or more widespread. I'm going to connect with a tech at my GM dealer next week. Pictures attached. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!









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