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Crew Cab Standard/Long Bed Pics

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On 1/10/2023 at 3:49 PM, Amcguy1970 said:

I know a long bed isn't the same as the standard bed, but most people use that term when referring to the different lengths. That is why I put both in the name as this is the half ton (1500) section. The Crew Cab only has two bed choices, short and standard in the half tons; but historically people interchange the terms short/regular and long/standard, so I put both in there. People also us the acronym CCSB for the short bed and CCLB for the long bed instead of having to type it all out each time. So standard bed would also be CCSB and that acronym wouldn't work now...


If it makes everyone feel better, I can rename it to just standard bed and hope no new members think the standard bed is the short bed that most everyone has.  


Let me know what you all think, and I can change it. Just trying to get pictures in there so people can see different set ups with the longer, err I mean standard, bed. 


Thanks LAAC for the pic, it certainly looks longer at some angles. 



lol , no were good dude. dont need to change it 

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Here's my '21 LTZ with standard bed.  I've always had a short bed, so this is the first standard bed crew cab I've owned.  Sometimes I miss the short bed when trying to park in a tight parking lot, but I love the way this rides on the highway and when towing.  The best way I can describe it is the short bed handles more like a car and the standard bed feels more like a truck.  The 6.2 feels pretty nice too.IMG_3292.thumb.jpg.07d0ec58893f2dde439ec640f741cec9.jpg


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'23 Denali with the Standard Bed - I ordered it.  I couldn't find a matching Std bed anywhere within 500 miles and the short bed was a deal-breaker for me.  This bed size works well for me and the short wouldn't work pretty often.  This fits in both of my garages with room to drop the tailgate and walk around it - I've never wished for a shorter truck.  My '14 was a standard, too.  The prep guy went to the General Manager at the dealer to ask if he knew they had received a standard bed.  Apparently, they don't get many of them in 1500s.





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How deep is your garage for that beast to fit in and have room to drop the tailgate?

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