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OTA Update Question

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Posted (edited)

I have been unable to install any OTA Updates using the Infotainment system on my 2022 Refresh Silverado 1500 LT.  I've spoken to OnStar and they referred me to a Chevrolet Dealership's Service Department and the technician allegedly looked at the system and said the update (GM N22-2379480GM) was already installed.  Well, I received a notification through the My Chevrolet App a few days ago letting me know that the GM N22-2379480 update needed to be installed.


When I attempted to obtain the update via the Infotainment system yesterday, I took a couple of pictures of the screen.  The first picture is the screen for Vehicle Updates.  As one can see, the wording "Check for Updates" is sort of greyed out relative to the wording "Vehicle Updates" and "Preferences".  When I touch the "Check for Updates" wording, I get the message "Unable to Update" with other words following as shown in the second picture.


Before I contact OnStar or return to a Chevrolet service department, I have a question for my fellow Silverado Owners:


When you have performed an OTA update, is the "Check for Updates" wording as bright as the other wording on the touchscreen or is it sort of greyed out?


Thanks all!

OTA Update Screen 01.jpg

OTA Update Screen 02.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Take it in READ HERE -  MC-10231644-9999.pdf (nhtsa.gov)


Latest OTAs are acting up.  Mostly draining batteries dead.  The PI above talks about a reset procedure the dealer has to do, and then once that is done, the dealer can do the reprogramming from their hardware.  


Some details on the newest software they will install:




Y167 Most Notable Improvements

Most notable improvements contained in this release may include:

  1. Radio:
    • AM or FM station stuck for an ignition cycle
    • No rear view camera
    • After performing a factory reset the physical Home button might not work
    • Intermittent XM unavailable message
    • Intermittent no audio at startup
    • The volume bar pop-up screen might not show when adjusting the volume
    • Voice recognition might not work
    • When trying to sign in with a GM account the sign in through Mobil App does not work
    • Latitude gauge goes up and down
    • Tune knob might not change channels
    • Customer is unable to add XM favorites
    • Voice volumes will not change, only audio volume does
    • The Now Playing screen might not show the station number of the channel playing
    • When changing Favorite pages the > button does not highlight when pressed
    • When trying to log in with a myGMC account, there is no error if the email format is incorrect
    • In the towing app the wrong vehicle type is shown
    • Intermittently there will be no audio
    • Buckle to Drive might always be on
    • Intermittent rebooting with Device is Starting message
    • XM favorite channels jump when using the SWC
    • Improve readability of MyBrand application
    • XM can only play one channel, the rest show Unavailable in the browse list
    • XM favorites are greyed out
    • Invisible Trailer View Not Functioning
    • When adding a new user there may be multiple blank screen
  2. Phone:
    • CarPlay might stop after ending a call
    • When switching audio from Bluetooth to USB the Bluetooth audio might continue
    • The Add Phone button might not work
    • When making a call, the Search Contacts screen might come up instead of the keypad
    • Android Auto screen slow at launch
    • The First to Connect setting might not save after an ignition cycle
    • CarPlay would not launch
    • Contacts still show after clearing phone numbers
    • After shutting the vehicle off the Handset button for moving an active call is not highlighted
    • Phone calls might have audio echo on the other end of the call (not in vehicle)
    • Phone projection may not connect
    • CarPlay might be slow to launch
  3. IPC:
    • The incorrect language might show on the DIC
    • Dyno Page graph not updating while idling
    • V-mode shown in Drive mode of non-Cadillac vehicles
    • In the Drive Mode pages there is Z-mode when it shouldn't be
    • The sound for the turn signals is out of sync with the cluster indicators
    • Intermittently "Turn your vehicle on" shows on ICS even with vehicle on
  4. OTA:
    • An Over-The-Air update might take a power cycle to complete
    • There is a black screen if the back button is pressed while performing an update
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Posted (edited)

Today I stopped by the Chevy Dealership I initially took my Silverado to in April for the OTA Updates not working problem and the first thing the Service Advisor told me was that there was nothing they could do since nothing was not working improperly/broken.  I said that not updating is not working in my book and since they had looked at it in April and said that it was OK and it is not, something is not right.  I mentioned that I had run across a preliminary technical bulletin from GM and the service advisor told me that it did not matter since their computer system did not show any open problems from GM for this vehicle.  After saying that spending over $55,000 dollars and the updates won’t install, I then asked to speak to the Service Manager or Dealership Manager.


The Service Manager was summoned and came out and let me know that there was nothing the service department could do, but when I pressed her regarding there being a preliminary technical bulletin that addressed my concern, provided instructions as to what needed to be done and that I was more than willing to share it with her, and I was also more than willing to demonstrate the problem to her right then and there, she agreed to see for herself what I was referring to. 


As soon as the OTA updates did not do anything, the service manager pressed the OnStar button and when OnStar answered, she identified herself to the OnStar representative, told the rep what the problem was and then after the OnStar rep verified me as the owner/subscriber, we were transferred to the wrong department.  That lady did at least offer to transfer us to the correct department, and after about 45 minutes of waiting for OnStar to research the problem and get supervisor approval, OnStar decided to escalate the problem to their development team to figure out what is going on. 


I should hear from the OnStar development team in 1 to 3 days, and they will determine if they can handle the problem or if a dealership needs to handle the problem.  I also made it clear that I had tried to get the OTA updates through the OnStar system and also through a Wi-Fi connection and that neither worked.


As soon as I know more, I will provide an update. 

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Posted (edited)

Earlier today I received a phone call from OnStar’s Technical Assistance Team letting me know that they are working on my OTA Updates not updating issue, and that if they cannot figure it out remotely and solve it remotely, they will be turning it over to GM Engineering for resolution.  They estimated a 1 to 3 business day resolution.  I was also asked to email them pictures of the Infotainment Center Screen with the Updates screen and the error message screen.


Late this afternoon after having run a few errands, when I parked the Silverado, a never before screen popped up after I turned off the engine but before I opened the door.  This new screen indicated that there was at least one update that was ready to be installed.  I went ahead and pressed the area of the screen to OK the update, but the next screen was a new error message indicating that the update could not install.  I restarted the engine and attempted to install any update through the System, Update menus, but alas, no such luck.


At least progress is being made, so hopefully tomorrow the fix for the updates problem will be figured out, and updates will install.


More to be posted as I learn more.

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You and me both!


What kills me about this is that the particular dealership's service department I am dealing with seems to be more focused on not getting paid by GM for warranty related work that may not authorized than they are in satisfying the customer.


I just loved the dealership service department thinking of if there is not anything in the GM Service computer system regarding a problem, then nothing can be wrong with the vehicle despite the vehicle system telling the vehicle owner they need to go to the dealership in order for the problem to be resolved.


I'll be posting more after I finish the current vehicle test request that I received from OnStar's Technical Assistance Team late yesterday. 

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Posted (edited)

Well, I received a phone call from OnStar Technical Assistance Team letting me know that they believed the problem was due to a low state of charge on the battery, and requested that I drive the truck on the highway for 30 minutes with all accessories off, and then park and try to connect to the OTA Update System.  Instead of driving, I put a battery charger on the battery for 4 hours (at which time the battery charger indicated the battery was fully charged).


I started the truck, moved to a shady spot and then went into the System Menu in the infotainment center, selected Updates and son-of-gun, Check for Updates was no longer greyed out.  I pressed Check for Updates, a rotating circle appeared and then another screen appeared stating “Your Software Is Up-To-Date” along with the Android version, Security Level and the date time when the system was last checked.


I knew that these vehicles were really sensitive to the battery’s state of charge and it’s voltage, but man, this is hypersensitive!  Guess this means using a battery maintainer when it’s not being driven.


Thanks to all for the suggestions and support!

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If it's parked for a while and not daily driven the yes plug it into a battery maintainer/conditioner. The battery will last a lot longer also. System drains when parked are greater than we think. 

My '20 Traverse can be in the garage for weeks at a time, it is on a BatteryMinder when parked. Same with all my parked toys, all have quick connects so even the wife can handle it. 

I swear by, not at my BatteryMinders, I routinely get 10 yrs out of powersports batteries. 

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