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Bilstein Shocks

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I am looking at adding some bilstein shocks Probably next month or early august.  

Where can i get a good deal on some?  Local place wants almost ?

PP has em for ?.99 each


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I just put a set of the Bilstein HD (52mm) on my 97 Suburban.  I looked at many on-line sites and finally got impatient and bought them locally from my local Autozone.  Price was ?/each.  About the best price I could find on-line was about ?/each but with shipping it was close to ?/each so I decided to buy at the parts store.

The one advantage to doing this was if there was a problem with one or more, then I would not have to ship back and forth, the store would take care of it.  I'm sure you can find a good deal on line too however.

If your dead set on the Bilsteins then by all means they are a great shock,  comfortable ride, good cornering, good off road and fantastic for hauling a trailered load.  The Edlebrock IAS is also very good, but many I've talked with don't like them off-road as much as the Rancho's or Bilsteins.  

One last thing, I went with what Bilstein calls "heavy duty" this is there 52mm shock as opposed to the 46mm shock that came on many of the Z71's.  Not sure of your current set but the 46 mm is considered the "sport shock" and is stiffer than the HD for what it's worth.

Good Luck,


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 Definately check 4WD.com.  I have purchased most of my doo-dads from them and many of their products are near cost.

 I'll second Big Blue's comments on the Edelbrocks.  These are awesome in the twisty paved mountain roads. Offroad however, well I was hoping for better handling.  They constantly SLAM! & BANG! offroad, but I may have hosed myself by putting bigger tires and cranking the torsion bars right after I installed them.  I've considered returning them and investing in Bilsteins or Rancho's, but 70% of my driving is on paved roads pulling toys to the trailheads, so I'll probably stick with them.  What shocks did your Dad's S-10 get?

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None yet.  He is busy working on our basement (remodeling), working, and on weekends we have been going to our cottage on a lake (not this weekend however).  

He most likely will go with monroe's.  I found him some pretty cheap.  This place wants ? for the bilsteins.  Id rather pay a little less.



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nah ill buy em

She said she wont buy me anything for my truck because "she is competeing with my truck for my love"

Its not true she knows it.

Do you have any shock install tips?  I have never done shocks.


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I have a post in here a couple of pages back on "IAS install". Really easy with jacks, an impact wrench and milk crate (to sit on, save your knees and back).  The smaller fronts are identical, 2 bolts out, line up shock mount to bracket, 2 bolts in.  But on the rears, the drivers side is slightly longer.  We mixed them up and had to swap after installing the left on right side and cutting the restraining strap.  Definately leave the strap on till your are 100% done.  Have a couple of extra zip ties handy to secure the boot to the shock and a 6-8 inch extension for your handheld drill to better reach the rear brackets.  Took two of us 2 hours in no hurry.

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