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:( OK, took the plunge and put a set on yesterday...$660 for 265/70/17 mount, balance, aligned, high-pressure stems, plus a 3 year replacement warranty and free tire rotations every 6000 miles for the three years....very good deal from what some of you have said. Dean said you guys can have the same deal....?????? Sound Good?


First impressions :P:D:):D:D


Road Manners: not even comparable to Wrangler ST. The slushy crap in the middle of the road when it snows had me all over before trying to change lanes....NOT ANYMORE!!! REVO's eat it up and spit it out...cannot even tell the stuff is there. :D I did not think these would make that big a difference, but I was mistaken, bigtime.


Standing Water: 40 mph though 3 inches of standing water, before a big deal, now really cannot even tell it is there...AWSOME.


Road Noise: lower speeds, very little difference between ST and REVO's, just a touch more, maybe ~5% louder than ST's, Highway is almost as quiet but a touch louder, but LOOK at the DIFFERENCE in TREAD..it is amazing, these things are mean looking.


Snow and wet traction: not even in the same universe...was able to go up an incline without any problems at all in 2WD, and it was covered with snow and ice... :(:D Can take-off briskly and they dig right in and off I go... :D



NOTE to GM if you are listening...


Call Bridgestone in the morning (use some minutes on your OnStar Account if you need too) and order ~2 million or so sets of REVO's and put them on ALL OF YOUR TRUCKS AND SUV's...they make LT versions TOO.....forget about regular Duelers and Goodyear all together...REVO should be the only option, period. The milage may suffer ~.5 MPG, but the overall saftey and traction benefits are way more important...go ahead and charge us a few extra bucks (I mean, ST's are ~500-600 per set anyway...) CHARGE ME AN EXTRA HUNDRED.....I have no probelm paying for quality stuff...that is why I bought a Chevy to begin with...GOT IT? Thanks! :D


NOTE to Bridgestone if you are listening:


Make the REVO designation on the tire more noticable (like raised white lettered or something like that)...thanks!



NOTE to ALL OF YOU if you are listening:


If you are not running them, run them...PM me if you are in or around Mass and I can get you a deal...I really think at this point these are very safe and are probably much better than any tire available, certainly better than GY ST's and whatever else GM or ANY other manufacturer puts on their trucks and SUV's




Question from Me...What psi are you running on your REVO's...mine have 35 now...they guys say I can go to 60 if i do not like the softer ride...LET ME KNOW.


OK guys, will post pics of my truck and the new shoes when my wife get back from D-world with the digital camera...how do you do this anyway? Let me know so I can do it this weekend, thanks, later :D:chevy::(

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You didn't say if you have LTs or P265s......


I have the P265 Revos and with trial and error ended up with 40 PSI front, 35 PSI rear, unloaded,  for my preference.  The fine print on the sidewall says 44 PSI max...






P265, you are right, but they do not make a 17 inch version in LT tires...but I have not read the side print yet...I will try the combo you say works for you. Thanks for the info, later :):chevy::seeya:

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Hey guys, thanks for the comments. :):) These tires are great and highly recommended...please continue to comment on your experiences and pressures you are running. I will post again after a 1000 miles and we are getting more snow tomorrow...will also post pics this weekend of the truck and the new shoes. Later, :):chevy::seeya:

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will also post pics this weekend of the truck and the new shoes. Later,  :)  :chevy:  :seeya:





Please do. I'm in the market for some tires, and I'd like to see a pic of a truck with them on. Up to now I've been thinking I'd get BF Goodrich AT's






I too was looking at the BFG AT KOs. Nothing against them, but I am sure glad that I went with the Revos!


Here is a pic of my truck with them on... LT265 x 16s Load range D




Bigger Pic

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