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New Canadian here EH!

GREG 418

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Hey everybody.


Like the title says I am from Coaldale, Alberta. I searched this place out to find a place to find info on my truck and read about other peoples trucks, mods, what problems they have been haveing and how they fix them.


I am not really a GM specific fan, in fact most of my previous rides have been fords, but ever since about 1990 I have liked the GM light trucks better and so I have ended up with two in a row now. I had a 95 Z-71 but didn't like the power so I have upgraded to a 98 Z-71. Nice truck, it is a loaded Xcab short box indigo blue on navy interior and I have added 05 GMC Z-71 17" wheels and tires.


I also have an 86 ford F-150 that is a Rcab short box 2wd with the 5.8L H.O. and is also loaded.


Lastly I have a 92 5.0 mustang that I have built a 418cid windsor for and am in the process of getting together.


Everything I own is and always will be a street driver.


I am 27 years old.

I farm with my dad.

That is about all I can think of right now.



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Thanks for the warm reception guys.


Peterbiltchrome we have a small mixed operation here.


We raise about 300 head of feeder cattle every year.

We also have broiler chickens, and we do a little custom farming on the side. Baling and hauling and we also recently bought a bigger combine (99 TX-66) for some extra custom work.

We only farm a half section ourselves right now, but I have been looking for a little more land. Prices are rediculous here these days.


As for farm trucks we have.....

a 67 international three ton with a 16' grain box.

74 GMC 2500 custom long box 2wd that dad bought new. Currently being retired.

76 Chevy C65 Tandem with a 20' grain box.

84 ford F-150 Rcab long box 2wd, semi retired.

84 ford F-250 Xcab long box 2wd dually.

Dads personal vehicle is a 96 chevy like mine.

Brothers personal vehicle is a 98 GMC like mine only 2wd.

99 ford F-250 Super Duty Rcab long box 2wd, current main farm pickup.


We really do have a pretty good fleet when you add my two trucks in there, for only three people anyways.


We are also looking for a new truck to put a 20' silage/grain box onto.




hehehe just noticed your sig, not a big fan of deere are ya pete?

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