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Westers in, but won't start

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Hey there team, here is an update...


If you recall, the Battleship wouldn't start with the injectors from Westers. I sent them back to Lyndon. He hooked them up to his flow machine and said "6 of the 8 injectors were locked". When I asked him what that meant he said, "We use a special cleaning fluid that must be purged from the injector after cleaning. If my 'guy' failed to run the test after cleaning, it can leave some of the harsh cleaner inside the injector. It actually causes the pintle to seize to the inner bore of the injector--which happened in this case."


So I received his injectors today, installed them and it fired right up!


I have been fighting with an annoying rough idle for some time and it seems to have fixed it. I started it, let it idle for 5 minutes and took it for a quick drive but there is still some RPM drop when I'm stopped every once in a while, like someone pulled off a vacuum hose and put it back on really quick.


So that's that. Perhaps the rough idle will smooth out as the PCM learns that there is a new set of 'jectors spitting gas. Who knows.




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