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Towing question

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I've got an 04 2500hd 6.0 ext cab 4x4 shortbed. I have 285 MT on it...

I have a hidden hitch class III with a 2" ball, 2" reciever--500lb tounge weight max.


I recently got a Uhaul trailer and towed a mazda b2600i 4x4 on the drive up trailer. The truck weighed around 2900lbs, trailer was heavy too. I could really tell it was back there for sure.


I now have a friend that needs a mid 80's Jeep J-10 (1986 I think)--From what I've read it weighs in around 3800lbs.


The trailers I can find from Penske and U-haul max out at around 4,055lbs.



Am I over?


btw--there is no trailer brakes on these trailers.....we will be towing around 100 miles back to Tampa with the truck behind the HD.



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No, you aren't over. Max trailer weight for your configuration is about 9,800 lbs.


Your trailer needs brakes though. I'm surprised Uhaul or Penske trailers don't have them. I'd think they would be required by law. Call other rental places like farm equipment or heavy industrial rentals. They usually have flatbeds for rent.

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Your truck should pull and stop that load with no problem.


Look at it this way - your truck is made to haul and stop at minimum 9200 pounds (your GVW). Your truck probably weighs around 6500 pounds so that leaves you with 2700 pounds.


Most people would agree, with a trailer less than 3000 pounds, you don't need trailer brakes.


So - add 3000 + 2700 and you have 5700 pounds plus your empty truck than you should be able to safely stop. It won't stop as fast as a trailer with brakes, but as long as you know you don't have brakes, you can plan and don't tail gate or run up on red lights.


Mine has towed up to 17,000 without brakes on rural highways without incident but I wouldn't want to do that in Orlanda or Tampa.

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U-haul auto transports do have surge brakes and you should be find towing a jeep. I stuck my Suburban on one when I had my 95 1500 2wd and I could really feel the trailer pulling the truck. I hate down hills with surge brakes too, the trailer starts to sway back and fourth and it really moves the truck. I just towed my suburban with a U-haul tow dolly and had no problems with my 04 pulling it and the tow dolly does not have any brakes at all.



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