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Is this feasible?


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I've got several connected questions here, all dealing with the auto trans temp gauge that is standard on the HD trucks.

Where is the temperature sending unit located at on the Allison automatic transmission?  Is it located in the PTO cover plate or else where?

Now here is where it gets interesting.   :biggrin:  The ZF 6-speed transmission obviously does not come equipped with such a gauge, and being how it is would be my transmission of choice I would like to add one.  I would really like it to be located in the stock gauge location.  I know that to get the gauge, the whole gauge pod will have to be ordered as if the truck had an automatic.  Now, would it be possible to also order the transmission temp sending unit for the Allison and adapt it to work with the ZF?  This will probably be answered based on the location of the sending unit on the Allison. (hoping it is located in the PTO cover)

If the Allison unit will in no way work with the ZF transmission, could I get a kit like this one, and wire into the stock gauge?  


I don't have any wiring schematics of the new Silverados, so any help would be appreciated.  One last thing.  Will the mileage on the odometer be affected by replacing the gauge pod?

btw, this all stemmed from some posts over on the Ford-Diesel site, stating that the ZF may have some overheating problems when pulling heavy in OD

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No know too much about this subject i'll say this-

You can get ANYTHING to work in ANYTHING

It way requre modification, but hey that life.

Sorry for not answering you question.

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I can think of 2 problems-you cant get the guage from the factory with a stick-is there a spot or a blank in the cluster for the guage?if so-you can buy the guage and put i n in the blank spot-if not then you have to buy a used dash at a salvage yard,wont see  them for at leat 1 year or so,then you have an auto shift pattern in the cluster too-maybe it can be removed i dont know.Maybe it would be a lot easier to just put the aftermarket guage on,even if it is a bit tacky looking

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Just in case anyone was wondering, others have researched this and it is possible with some work.  The whole gauge pod has to be ordered from GM, as if the truck had an automatic.  The cost is anywhere between ?-200.  Then a PTO cover plate like the one pictured needs to be purchased, along with the sending unit and wiring.  The sending unit can then be wired into the stock gauge.  And finally, the truck needs to be taken back to GM for them to program the computer to recognize the new gauge.

I'm not sure about the gear selector showing up or not.  It is all electronic, and if the computer is not programmed to light the selectors up......  I will have to research this a little more before attempting it.

JohnGMC, I wouldn't mind having the aftermarket gauge.  Only problem is I plan on installing a pyrometer and a boost gauge, and I don't want to have a 3 gauge pillar mount.  Takes up to much space IMO.

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