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Advent OGM1 with GM1 Backup Camera installed

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I received my Advent OGM1 and CS-GM1 backup camera yesturday. I starting the install this morning around 11am and I just finished now 2pm. The install was super easy. I had to take the tail gate off and drill two holes, one in the bottom of the tailgate and the other in the truck bed. I was a little worried because I wasn't sure how hard it would be to drill through the Rhino lining but it was a piece of cake. Running the camera RCA wire and power wire took the most amount of time.


Backup Camera. Just remove the bottom bolt holding in the bezel on the inside of the tailgate



When the tailgate was still on I marked the locations where I should drill so I would remember after the tailgate was off.



I zip tied the wires to exsiting wires under the truck to be sure they wouldn't hit any moving parts


A little tip, tape both wires together before you start running it under the truck.


I pulled the camera wires through the parking brake gramet in the drivers side floor board.

View from under the truck


View from inside the cab



After that I plugged the +power led to Pin7 ignition and the negative to power led to Pin1 ground.



I ran the RCA cable under the carpet and up the back of the radio and plugged it into the harness.

You can't see the RCA cable in the photo but I ran it under the carpet and behind the dash.



Once I turned the radio on I went into the settings of the OGM1 and turned the backup camera on.


The Advent OGM1 installation was as easy as others have said.

Turned off



My custom loading screen. It's a picture I took of Grand Rapids Michigan, I added Garrett's Silverado and a chevy logo. I sent Walt a JPG and he loaded it on before it shipped. THANKS WALT!!!!



Backup Camera looks and works great!



DVD playing while in drive using the parking brake bypass



Watching video from my ipod using the Jlink cable




That was it, easy as pie. I LOVE this thing, everything works as well as the hype. The blue tooth sounds amazing. my voice in phone calls sounds like i'm talking into the phone and the sound of the person your talking to sounds great.


I can't wait to get the iGo Primo maps, but the maps already on it aren't bad at all, better than my old tomtom.

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That blows away the picture you get in the rear view mirror/back-upcamera setup! Like, this could be a '10' and the OEM picture would be a 2, or less!


Great pictures and Thanks!

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When I installed my camera I had to drill some holes in the steel as well. I would strongly recommend using a stop bit and not a regular drill bit or any kind of speed bore. Dont remember the exact make and model of what I have but it is similar to this:







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okay so i have the factory backup cam, would i be able to route the wires from the mirror to the ogm1 if i wound up getting it?



Yes, you can tap into the wiring under the drivers side dash and both will display simultaneously. There are instructions from Walt on here somewhere

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Thanks for the review and the pics. Quick question: What type of bit did you use to drill the holes for the tailgate wires? Was it easy?



Whether this is recommended by others or not it worked like a charm for me, cut through the Rhino Lining and steel with ease. It's a 1/4" center with a 1" bore bit. The kit comes with a couple of plastic circle trim pieces that clip into a 1" hole giving it a nice factory look.




okay so i have the factory backup cam, would i be able to route the wires from the mirror to the ogm1 if i wound up getting it?

Yes I believe you can. I know other members are doing that. My truck didn't come with a backup camera so i'm not sure exactly what needs to be done. But I think you have to splice an RCA cable from the original camera into the OGM1 and also tap into the rearview mirror power wires (blue and white, I think) Maybe other people can help you out. If you order you OGM1 from Walt at ADCmobile.com he is very nice and will help you out I'm sure.

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okay so i have the factory backup cam, would i be able to route the wires from the mirror to the ogm1 if i wound up getting it?



I added the photos in this thread. VERY easy (under 5 minute) install...

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Where did you purchase this thru?



I ordered from the person in the post right before yours. His name is Walt from ADC Mobile. He is a very nice man and will answer any questions you have.

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Hey guys just installed my camera kit today and I just thought I'd throw a few helpful tips out there...


1. If your truck has the easy up tailgate, make sure your drill lower than center on the tailgate, otherwise you'll run right into the torsion bar that run through the bottom of the tailgate.


2. I found out today that the connection of the video coax cable at the back of the head unit is a loose fit, make sure you wrap some electrical tape around the connection before you put the deck back in the dash. Mine came loose and I spent an hour checking grounds and power before I realized what happened!


And thanks to Walt for answering the phone to help me troubleshoot! Amazing guy. I highly recommend all of you guys who are thinking about buying the Advent and/or backup camera to buy from him.



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