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Preventative Maintenance & Rim Change


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New here. First post.


I went from stock 20" (270/55) rims to stock 18" (265/65) and am hearing a metal on metal grind coming from the front end at deceleration only at speeds of 12-18 mph and occasionally when braking. I was under the impression that I could go down to 18" with no problem, but 17s would require some type of adjustment. What would cause this noise if it was the rim downgrade? How do I trouble shoot this? I'm Going to look at pads and rotors real close this weekend. Torque converter by coincidence?


Also, at 85K I'm knocking out some preventative maintenance repairs. Already did the thermostat & coolant temp sensor, will do plugs this weekend, and am running synthetics in the engine. Is it worth the expense to run synthetics in the tranny too? Recommendations on what to tackle next?


many thanks - wes


2007 Silverado / New Body Style / 6.0L / 4WD / 84K mi.

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Going down in rim size shouldn't matter since these trucks come with 17" standard rims. I would definatly check the brakes out to be sure like you said. For the transmission fluid, you can stay with the "normal" fluid or as some guys do, run the synthetic. Usually hear with synthetic, you may pick up 1 mpg. Would also be good idea if you did a lot of towing. I would consider how long you plan on keeping the truck, over a couple years go with the synthetic, looking to trade soon when the '14s come out, stick with the "normal" fluid.


Don't forget the differentals, transfer case, and I know others will chime in on other things. Good luck!

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