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New From DFW

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I found a lot of my questions were answered by this site, so I decided to join!




After almost getting a white diamond GMC Crew 4X4, I picked up my bone stock 2011 LS Avalanche as an "ad special" for a rediculously low price (10K off + 2K GM card), and I was intent on making it better. A base Avalanche in 2011 does come with a lot standard - mainly the USB port, buckets, roof rack, bluetooth steering wheel, and LTZ dash. I really like the body color mirrors and bumper - so clean. On the downside, it has an open diff with 3.08 gears (although these are not as bad as people claim if you're not towing much).


I have always gone LTZ (or LT and SLT), but found myself replacing the wheels, stereo, etc., and decided to start from a base, instead of the high end. I love GM trucks, but honestly, the leather sucks. I also never had use for moving pedals, turn signal mirrors, memory seats, $400 shocks or BU sensors. I wanted the BU mirror/cam, G80, and 4WD, but it was going to be OVER 10K more to get a 4X4 Avalanche (and the Texas Edition was 5K more even though the sticker was only 2.5K more). So I am still adding stuff, and coming in way below the cost difference. I have come to actually like the cloth in both winter and summer, but will put in some custom katzkins ($1200 installed here) when they show some wear.


Looking forward to learning/contributing...

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