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Installed Rancho Lift, Bilstien shocks and SSBC Rotors.

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This is the before, after and a during of the install. Also check out the cooler I found on the side of I-10 while going get tools. It's the K2 at the bottom. Not a bad price for a $260 cooler if you ask me.






Rotors, Shocks and front lift


Talk about a "Nice chest!"


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Rotors bite hard with the Hawk LTS pads.


Lift wasn't too bad of an install. I checked every box twice and still could not find the assistant they keep referring to in the directions. Oh, and they say you need "assorted sockets and ratchets". I'm not sure about you guys, but 36mm has never come in any assorted set I've purchased. Could have completed the whole lift in 2.5-3 days, but with kids and life not helping it took 5 by myself.


Glad you like the K2's. They are a close comparison to the yeti's. It's made locally here in Lafayette, La. They use the same type of plastic as in kayak's. They are a lot lighter then the yeti, yet just as durable. This one had to have fallen out of a vehicle and had only a few scuffs on it.


VT If your on the fence about the Bilstien or Kings, go with the Kings. The Bilstiens are nice and worth every penny, but the King's for 1k would be better. If I hadn't already ordered the Bilstiens, I'd have got the Kings.

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It lifted the front and rear 4" over what I had with the 2.5" level and 2" rear blocks. I did keep the 0.5" spacer from my TGC level on the front strut. Fender measurements are between 43.75 and 44" on all four corners.


The Rod

Yes, that is the same size tires that are in my sig. They look a little small, but I'll probably run them out before I switch it up....Maybe.

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