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Suburban LTZ door sill part# ?

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I want to add Suburban LTZ door sills to my LT and can't find the part number, anyone have it? They are the ones with the aluminum insert that says CHEVROLET for the front and just an aluminum insert for the rear. I'll bet they are the same for Silverado and Avalanche. Here is pic of the front.




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In 2009, they came on ALL the Texas Edition GMC & Chevy trucks, SLE, LT, SLT, LTZ- It didn't matter.


When I bought my 2012 GMC Sierra SLE TX Edition I was SHOCKED that they didn't come on the trucks anymore. Needless to say, I have them on my truck now. I added the brushed/polished aluminum GM rocker protectors & they really compliment the lower door openings....


-Jon in TX.

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