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Lowering an AWD Sierra Denali. Any Problems?

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i have all that since you have 115k on the truck here is what id do


1) belltech front drop struts which will put you at 34.5

2) belltech rear shocks

3) djm 4-5 inch flip kit (put you at 35.5 at 4 inch level or 34.5 at 5 inch level)

4) djm rear bar by far best way to go out of all the trucks i do using belltech/hellwig etc. brackets are also much beefier.

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Finally done with the install of the 2/4 kit NorcalSS set me up with. Looks awesome and handles 1000 time better. Heres a pic. Pretty much 34.75" all the way around now. After getting the rear pinion angle aligned right, I have no vibrations what so ever. Truck rides and handle great with the Belltech shocks and the DJM rear sway bar!



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Looks great. I do a lot of these trucks and one thing you learn is what kit works best. Unlike other sellers you get like stylinconepts/jegs/summit they just sell parts they have no knowledge on the products like I do. I think selling a product you actually install and use is very important.

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Excellent work by both of you gentlemen. I hope to do something to the Callaway someday, right now it sits nice and level after shackles when new and pulling the blocks last week, but I would like the whole thing down a bit more. Not sure how low I can go, don't know the offset on the Callaway 22" wheels and the tires are 305/40's. Again, nice work guys.

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The 2/4 drop leaves plenty of room for whatever offset and 305/40 or 285/45. There are several options for lowering the front, but I definately recommend the DJM flip kit for lowering the rear. The kit is fairly easy to install, and it makes setting the rear pinion a breeze. Just loosen the u-bolts and saddle brackets and rotate the axle until the driveline is aligned the way you need it. No shims required! I assume with the amount of HP and TQ your truck has, pinion angles would need to be set pretty accurately to keep your driveshaft and u-joints safe.

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On 3/14/2013 at 11:12 PM, NORCAL SS said:

ok heres the issue with the trucks different ones used different front springs. Some of the trucks 07 up ive seen sit 3/4 inch higher than others due to the springs they used at the plant.


Heres what i do on all the kits i install before anything


1) measure from ground to fenderlip in rear

2) make sure you still have the lifting block in rear still in


Tell me that and I can dial in the exact kit you should go with. For 2 inches in front id roll the belltech spindles


Here is my new escalade 2.75 drop front (spindles and my custom strut mod) and rear cromoly control arms and beltech kit with djm swaybar no issues at all


Idk if this is allowed, if it isn't, my bad. I'm looking for info on lowering my Denali AWD. Only thing is that I have a Yukon...I know they drivetrain is similar so I figured I'd ask. Also I saw you posted the picture of the Yukon so I figured you'd know about these. Mine is an 08 Yukon lx, I'm looking to do a 4/5 drop. Is that safe? I know vibration might be an issue after going past a certain amount so I'm looking to do this right. What parts do you think I need or is this a crazy idea?

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I have 2007 GMC Sierra Denali AWD that I installed an IHC 4-6 drop control arm kit.  I was wondering if anyone has raised the front differential and steering gear so you can go lower?

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