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chuffing sound under dash, 2003 GMC Sierra 1500



I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500, extended cab, 5.3L. My problem is a strange sound I’m getting. The sound reminds me of a “chuffing sound”, like what you would get from a forced air leak. Or maybe a little like hitting a snare drum with a brush (for any jazz aficionados out there). The sound is rhythmic, occurring approximately once per second. It only occurs when the A/C is running. It does not change speed with engine RPM, or with A/C blower fan RPM.

It seems to be coming from under the dash. I have raised the hood and listened for it, I do not hear it under the hood.

The A/C works fine, I have not experienced any problems with it suddenly blowing hot air, or shifting the air output to the defrost vents, or anything like that. The sound is fairly low volume, if the radio is on I never hear it.

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