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03 knock sensor code

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My friend has an 2003 V8 and is getting a knock sensor code. He did a compression check and found the cylinder on the drivers side closet to the front has 60psi while all the others have 120.


I suggested a couple of things.


1. Remove the valve cover and readjust those two valves and then do another compression check.

2. Put that cylinder to TDC and use compressed air in the spark plug hole and listen at the exhaust and intake for air leaking.

3. I told him to try another compression check and squirt some oil in the cylinder to check if the rings are bad in that cylinder.

4. I also mentioned to take a rubber mallot and hit the intake and exhaust valves several times, which may remove any carbon that could be causing the valve to leak.


He says the engine only has 130,000 miles and was wondering if he does a valve job, should he do both heads, or just the one. I thought he should only do the one.


Anything else I missed or any other suggestions?


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