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My GM Card earnings topped off to $3000 - watch your e-mail

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I got something from them in the mail Thursday & then an e-mail yesterday but mine only topped off to 2000. I'd sure like to get another 1000 since my truck has just been built!

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I got that offer too. However, my past experience has shown that GM usually lowers other incentives by about $ 500 to compensate so you are not really saving anything, maybe a few hundred bucks. Do your homework before you get tempted to buy a new truck just because they topped off your GM card earnings.

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I emailed the GMCARD to complain.. Here is what they said




Thank you for contacting the GM Card Redemption Center. We are committed to
providing you with the highest standard of GM Cardmember Services.

Currently, there are no incentives available to you on your account. We here at
the Redemption Center have no advanced knowledge when an offer becomes
available to a Cardmember. When a Cardmember is eligible to receive a bonus they
will be notified by direct mailer from GM Cardmember Services.


Whenever Cardmember Services has special promotions available, they carefully
screen the Cardmember database to make sure the appropriate offers are
extended to our Cardmembers based on specific criteria. Based on what the
database tells us, we then target the Cardmembers it identifies. This
could result in one Cardmember receiving an offer while another may not.

One of the best ways our customers will be more likely to receive relevant
special promotions from GM Cardmember Services is to tell us which GM
vehicles interest




GM Card Redemption Center

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