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Finally got around to getting a picture of my new sled. It's in my trailer right now, but will be heading to northern lower MI this coming weekend to it's new home. Got some accessories and stuff to

Here are a few of mine from this last week:)steep and deep baby!     Thanks Corrisa Fb Corrisa Schurek IG corrisapinkI

Here are a couple of my past sleds...    

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Well, last w/e was a great way to wrap up an awesome season!!! Just broke 1400 miles, most in a season yet. And other than near road crossings, the trails were in pretty good shape. 


A huge Thank You to all that made great trails possible!!! 



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So, if you guys don’t mind adding some input, I would appreciate it!


I just snow checked a new sled yesterday, and am trying to decide which sled to possibly sell. We are original owners for both sleds.


‘11 Cat F8 EXT. Runs great, looks great. Almost 4,700 miles. Cobra track has a few lugs with very minor tears. If I keep it will probably replace the torsion springs and rebuild the shocks, and it needs new carbides regardless... 


’11 Cat T570. Runs great, looks great. Under 600 miles. Doesn’t need anything for the next season. Lower miles up to this point since my wife would usually stay home with the boys vs taking them. 


If we keep the F8, it gives me and my buddies an extra sled to take when it’s just the guys. Plus my wife doesn’t mind riding it. She rode it when we were up at the cabin this past Feb. And she may even just ride the Gade X and I’ll ride my F8 when it’s the family/ her and I going out...


Mileage wise tells us to keep the T570. But it’s a fan cooled, carbed, entry level model. Plus, it may bring more money vs the F8 based on mileage.


Thankfully it’s not a matter of we need to sell one of the sleds to put towards the new sled. So if we keep both it will give us a third sled for our boys to ride. One does show more interest in riding than the other, so not much need for a fourth sled at this time....


BUT, if we keep both, hauling the sleds will be an interesting challenge...Currently have a 12’ clamshell, and a topper on the truck. A buddy has a four place, but a third buddy usually has his sled in the 4 place vs in his own truck bed if the families are going. He still drove separate due to passenger room. 


IF we sold one of the sleds, we could sell the clamshell and our 16’ tandem utility trailer and buy a 3-4 place inline. Combining two trailers, and taking up less storage area in the yard... Then eventually add a third sled... This is the route I’m leaning towards, and selling the T570...


So which would you try to sell, if either?


TY for the input!!!



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