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The Best 5"- 6" Lift Kit and it's true effects?

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Have a 2006. Installed the BDS 6 inch kit. Running a set of Mickey Tompson ATX 33's. Truck is a 1500, so i have the plastic lower bumper piece. Had to cut a small section to keep tight turns in parking lots from rubbing. I also have the 2" hub spacer, I switch out a few different set of rims and just keep the spacer on so i can quickly put more street able tires on when going long distance.

YES, due to the 33's and 18" rims, a lot of weight on axels. Truck had 3.4 and going to have to swap to the 3.7 gers. Truck will kick out of 4th, or OD on overpasses and such.

Overall truck rides very nice.

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I have an issue with my 97 Tahoe 2 wheel drive. Had a fabtech 7 inch lift kit then I had a spindle that went out swapped out the fabtech lift kit with a pro comp 6 inch lift kit. The pro Comp 6 inch lift and not fit correctly whatsoever. Had to spend a replaced on the Fab cake kit. Now going in reverse after putting the kid back on. My truck is bottoming out not lifting up like it should. The springs are longer than the originals so my truck should be going up higher but is not. Any suggestions why my truck does not go up?

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