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I have a 2001 4 door long bed duramax 100% stock. I purchased it about 2 months ago for a little over $6k with a blown tcase. Drove it a fairly far distance home with no issue what so ever. Sat in drive way moved it around a couple of times and parked it in the garage to do tcase. Almost two months later I finally finished it and now it won't start. Acts like it will, fires up then dies right aways like the fuel shut off.


New batteries

Replaced fuel filter

Rebuilt filter cap.

New fuel lines on filter cap

Tried running fuel line from injection pump to tank of diesel.. No go

Pressurized the fuel tank primed it and tried starting.. Nothing

Pressurized fuel tank sprayed soap water on lines.. No leaks found

Tried having someone prime while I cranked.


Truck will run off starting fluid through airbox but dies when you stop spraying.


Could the injectors go bad just from sitting for a little? What are my options..?

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Are you removing the bleeder screw on top of the filter housing when priming till fuel comes out? Those plastic bleeder screws crack easy. The pump button should be pumped about 2 more times once the fuel comes out and then tightened as the button should get firm after bleeder screw is tight but don't over tighten cause like I said they crack easy and suck air in while cranking. Sounds like you have a lot of air in the fuel system. Also using starting fluid on a Diesel is a bad thing to do.

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I use the bleeder screw. Gets hard then gets soft after cranking. I repeated like 20 times. And Ik starting fluid isn't good I just wanted to make sure it was just starving fuel.

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