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OEM Off Road Steps Question

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I have a new 2018 LT Crew Cab and I've been looking for some steps.  I liked the OEM Off-Road steps but at $800 they could keep them.  I was actually about to pull the trigger on the Havoc HS2 when I found an ebay listing for the OEM steps.  


Now, the listing shows them as part # 23194635.  From what I can find, this seems to be the discontinued part number and the new number is 84164549


Can anyone verify that these are indeed the same part and the ones listed on ebay will fit my truck?


Also, do these mount to the frame or just to the panel/pinch welds?




Adding a little more, it looks like the 23194635 part is listed as 14-16.  On GMPartsDirect, they list the 84164549 as fitting 14-18 which leads me to assume that there were no changes to the body/frame and I should be ok.

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Yep those are the ones I have the factory ones on my truck it came with them. There mounted to the cab in the pinch weld. Nice steps strong and looks good.

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