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Headlights burn out really fast

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3 hours ago, GMC Sierra fan said:

2011 GMC 1500 5.3 has a headlight isuuse keeps burning out the lamps in 6 to 10 months what causes this and is it normal 

As Mike mentioned, what bulbs are you using?  The service life of those extra bright blah blah lights much less than what was originally provided.  But also inspect the condition of your  plugs, do they look burnt?  The wrong bulbs (too much power draw) can ruin the plugs and shorten the lives of everything.


I've got just over 900 hours (21 months) on my fog lights and I run them every night for several hours and the headlamps are near 700 hours (15 months) now.


Phillips 9008 headlamps (13503418) and Phillips 5202 foglights (15839897) for the 2009 Yukon XL.

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22 minutes ago, GMC Sierra fan said:

I've been using sylvania lamps made for truck not the hi output just the entry level lamp I believe its h11 is the code for my Make year

Those are what we replaced.  Try a different brand.  How do the plugs and sockets look, anything burnt or brittle?  

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Do you have auto on headlights.

Are your headlights on all the time when you start the truck?

Either turn them off every time you start or disable auto on.

Do this by removing light switch from dash.

Open light switch up and remove spring.

Easy to do, 10 minutes it took me.

Now lights are manual.



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Packaging looks like this:




Not always easy to locate, the last ones I bought were in ACDelco packaging.

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I was replacing the headlights in my '10 about every 15 months.  Started out using the cheaper, dimmer Sylvania bulbs, then switched to the mid range Sylvania bulbs, etc.  The brighter the bulb, the hotter it gets, and the shorter the lifespan.  The last time I changed the bulbs, I bought some LED replacements off of Amazon.


Also, as mentioned earlier, turn your headlights off if they're not needed (daytime driving, unless local laws require them to be on).  Crank the truck and turn the headlight dial to the OFF position...it will spring back to the AUTO position (I think, I'd have to take a look at the switch to see the positions), but the lights will stay off until truck is turned off and restarted or the switch is turned back in the ON position.

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On 7/12/2019 at 3:21 PM, Silverado4x4 said:

I might add do not touch the bulb with your fingers, when installing the oils from your fingers greatly reduce the life of the bulb, use gloves or a clean towel.

This!    Never touch the bulb with fingers.   I use clean disposable gloves every time.

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