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FINALLY Spent Some Time in NC - Other Than Strolling Thru the Raleigh-Durham Airport


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Went back to Wilmington, NC for my grandmother-in-law's 100th Birthday, and subsequently to finally meet my MIL's family (some of which claimed that I'm a model that my wife hired to stand in all of the family pictures.  My family and SIL's family landed within about hour & half of each other at RDU, where my wife and I picked up the rental vehicles, picked the other family up, and van-pooled to Wilmington.  GMIL was happy to finally meet me.  Her 100th birthday was a GOOD DAY for her.  Wife's uncles/aunts/cousins and I talked for hours that day.


The oldest of my wife's aunt's (longish/funny story):


Prior to this trip, there were several occasions that we could have met.  She has come out to Vegas a couple times, had to work each time, still active duty at those times.  Wife and kids flew back for family reunions, once again, I had to work, even after retiring from the military, I didn't have enough paid time off to go.  This trip was pretty much a turn/burn trip.  We got my 'Uncle Jack's house,' and started eating lunch.  Meet a few of my wife's cousins and their children.  About a hour or so after we got there, this particular aunt walks in, saying "HI" to everyone and hugging them.  Then she gets to my wife, who's standing behind me.  Wife hands her a bag of M&Ms, asks if she remembers the Christmas commercial for M&Ms?  She did, and my wife then tells her, "Well, like these M&Ms, my husband really does exist."  While she was saying that, I stood up, turned around and greeted her. 


The only DOWNSIDE to the entire weekend:  One of our "Midnight Silverado Brotheren" flipped a "B," at the "U-Turn between Telsa Park and Pine Hallow, we were heading north on College, on SATURDAY (3 July) afternoon, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY WIFE.  1 July was the three year anniversary from our head-on collision, three of the seven in that van were in my truck 3 years ago.  I was on the phone with her, she was mentioning something that you did to your truck, that she would like to see me do to my current one, followed by everyone in the van screaming in terror.  NOT COOL BRO!!!!!!!  One of the four of us in the other vehicle had to drive that one "home." 

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