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Is the factory bezel around the headlights on a 2017 1500 held in place by the tabs and double-sided tape?

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Last week while taking a look at what i was going to do about my ABS wiring that was cut by how i ran it after the lift, i notice that the passenger side headlight bezel was pulled away from the light a bit, upon looking it over i notice that it was pulled out of the little corner clip, but even after applying a good amount of force, it didnt really "click" back into place, but that top portion felt ok, but the middle portion of it doesnt seem to have any visible clips and applying force all around the piece, didnt seem to help. I went to the drivers side and it is secure and feels solid as if its part of the headlight itself, I was looking and found plenty of videos and posts about similar issues, but in most, not all cases, there was mention of double sided tape to adhere it in place, but those were for replacements and aftermarket ones.. yet i couldnt really find a post about the factory ones. Are they also held in place by the top and bottom clips along with some doublesided tape in the middle?


I'd prefer to fix it like it came from the factory, so just need to know if its really using the tape from the factory. 

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