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Need Help Identifying a switch/sensor on Driver's Seat 2008 Sierra

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7 hours ago, newdude said:

Seat position sensor.  Airbag system uses it to detect the position of the seat's location on the seat frame for airbag deployment.  


Thanks. While vacuuming I knocked off the switch with the long thin hose attachment. It broke the locking tab but I'll just use a small wire tie to secure it.


Thanks again.  

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I served in AK., Eielson AFB. for 3 years, I feel your pain. For those that don't know Eielson is outside Fairbanks, AK. Fairbanks is in central Alaska and it gets so cold the vinyl on your seats can peel off.

We all know the air (hot or cold) is directed and re directed (mixed)by doors that are vacuum operated in a duct system. Detroit has over thought this HVAC  so much. Used to be you had a slider for temperature, a slider for heat (directed the air to the windshield for defrost or the outlets for heat /ac) and 3 speed fan switch. Reliable as hell. Now you got electronic thermostatic controls because we're no longer smart enough to adjust the temp/direction of the air manually.

A famous engineer once said "The more they over think the plumbing; the easier it is to stop up the works!" I think this is what has happened to you. You have ck'd and verified everything I could think of and more.

Is there any possibility of a faulty ground? When it gets stupid it can easily be a bad ground. There are LOTS of grounds in modern vehicles (modern being anything with any kind of computer in it); you can't assume any metal is a ground (like I could on my '63, '64, Galaxies, the '67 GTX, the 71 Malibu, the 71 C-10, after that I got vehicles with computers in them. '83, 84, 85, 86, 94, 99, '06, '07 (Chrysler Sebring). The rest are Chevys. I spent 16 years in Vehicle Maintenance in the USAF, not to much I haven't heard of concerning vehicles of all types.  That's why a bad ground occurs to me; your problem is elusive, it allows stupid thing to happen/not happen. I'd check all the grounds associated with the system, remove them, clean them, put some of that grease you use on terminals to keep it from corroding.

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