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Stopping in to say Hello!

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Hey there! Been a long time lurker and thought I'd post a hello thread and share my truck and plans on the build. 

Currently have a 20 LT Trail Boss in Shadow Grey. Currently have only tinted the front windows, cut out factory muffler and replaced with Super 44, and added a S&B CAI. 

My local offroad shop is a month out on appointments but I will be getting a ReadyLift SST 2.0 installed along with the Fuel Siege 20x9 DDT +1 rims wrapped in 295/60/20 Ridge Grapplers. Super excited for that and the 20th of Sept can't get here quick enough.  

Picture was when first got it but will be updating pics as soon as the above is done. 

trail boss-12.jpg

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40 minutes ago, Amcguy1970 said:

Is it nose high now? It looks like it at some angles. Adding 2" I thought was bad on the AT4/TB as that is effectively stacking leveling kits and increasing wear along with not being able to run auto 4wd, is that right?



It still has a the stock rake when it’s completely level and standing next to it. 

As for the kit, I think the RL 2.0 SST kit is fine since you’re replacing the upper control arms anyway. I also never use 4wd auto so that aspect never concerned me. 

To be honest, the truck rides and drives better than it did stock. 

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