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Power Steering Rack Bushing DIY

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I have a clunk under the driver's side ('11 Yukon 4WD) during very low speed turns, e.g. pulling into or out of a driveway, and suspect it's coming from the steering rack. The lower control arm was just replaced and the shocks were replaced with new mounts within the past 2 years. 


There are no other steering issues to indicate the rack is bad. Does anyone have experience installing the Dorman steering rack bushing kit, part 523-267? It's not clear if the rack has to be removed to replace the bushings and if removal of the old bushings is worth the effort. I see the kit comes with the metal bracket but can't find any install instructions. 


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8 hours ago, laibal said:

I had a similar clunk, ended up being struts, but there is a GM bulletin on this issue for a different bushing. I've linked it below.

Document ID_ 2890493.pdf 1003.46 kB · 1 download

Thanks for posting the bulletin. This is obviously a common failure if GM issued a bulletin and the repair looks much easier than pressing out the driver's side bushings. I'll give this a try and report back. Part arrives tomorrow.

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Following up, the bushing replacement took about 30 minutes. I used some Syl-glyde to lube the outside of the new part which made installation very easy. The bushing sleeve bolts had blue thread locker on them from the factory so I applied thread locker before reinstalling. 


My factory bushing showed no signs of wear and was not noticeably dried out so I did another suspension check and found the passenger side sway bar link is missing the lower nut off the shaft that extends into the lower control arm. That is the culprit and I didn't catch the missing nut when I inspected earlier. 

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