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Another exhaust mod question

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I am looking to change the tail pipe tips and thought about eliminating the resonators. I don't want to change the whole exhaust system. I had done that before on a 2017 and hated that helicopter sound when the motor cut off cylinders.

Has anyone just removed the resonators? Was there much difference in sound?


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Not sure what year you have. My 2020 has screens instead of an actual resonator. When i did a muffler delete i got the helicopter sound pretty bad even though i left the screens alone. I bought the range device to keep it from dropping. That is really the only thing to do if you are not doing an exhaust. Not sure how it would sound if you just removed the screens and left the muffler.

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From what I've read elsewhere, the helicoptering noise doesn't occur (or at least is severely reduced) if you leave the flapper value on when you do a muffler delete.  But that is all third hand here-say as my 2022 isn't due to be delivered until later this week.

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