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P0305 Cylinder 5 misfire:2017 Silverado 5.3L only 18,500 miles. one owner.

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Looking for direction on a 2017 Silverado with 5.3L gasoline engine that has only 18,500 miles on it.  


I am getting a P0305 (cylinder 5 misfire) I checked for spark on #5 cylinder plug wire (but didn't pull the plug itself) and got a good spark, the engine runs pretty rough under load and even the traction indicator comes on, I even cleared the code out but it comes back.


I just dropped it off at a local repair shop in town and he can't get at it for a few days, Anyways he looked on Intellifix? and the consenus seems to be a camshaft issue is common.


My question is, and I know anything is possible, but how likely would a camshaft failure be on a such a low mileage vehicle? As I undestand from the little research I have done is that cylinder 5 isn't a AFM cylinder.


Thanks for your time and feedback!



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Swap plug wire, plug, injector, coil, etc. with an adjacent cylinder one at a time. See what component the miss fire follows and replace accordingly. I'd go get your truck and try the above your self. 


If you can't find the faulty component using the above try a different mechanic. 

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I'd start with the easy first. swap your coil & see if it follows. I not, then swap plugs & see i it follows. Direct injectors can be a pain to pull. 

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Hi Guys,


Just picked up the truck today from the shop, turned out to be a defective spark plug.


The mechanic said it wasn't carbon tracked or visibly bad but changing the plug out made the misfire go away and the MIL or misfire didn't come back and it was driven 50 miles and still good.


Before the plug change I couldn't make it to the end of the driveway before the code would return and start running very rough now it runs smooth.


I am relieved that all it was is spark plug.


thanks for your feedback.



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Hopefully it solves your problem long term. My 2017 ended up as a GM buyback due to problems that could not be resolved by dealer. Problem started at less than 500 miles though.

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