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6.0 after market turbo

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2016 2500 Silverado, e-cab, long bed, 6.0 with 3.73= totally stock very clean and paid for.  Old retired guy needs help figuring out best way to get more HP/torque and avoid buying new truck.  Owned all big three 3/4 & 1 tons, all configurations and both gas and diesel having owned construction company for previous  5 decades.  Out of the business last 5 yrs and want more for pulling my new 5th wheel camper.  Rather than drop additional $30-40K I would like options for my current truck that has 105K miles.  I'm not a mechanic or computer savvy so maybe bolting on a turbo is best: opinions please.



OBTW: live in CO and cross the Rockies several times per year but also travel in the lower elevations.  Will turbo help highway cruise mileages empty and towing?     

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A supercharger is a way better solution to your pulling needs. I wouldn't put a turbo on that truck if you do heavy towing.


The supercharger is going to have all the torque you want down low and it will be pretty much instant. A turbo would have to be sized pretty small to achieve that and then you'd choke it out up top. Plus you have a ton more heat management you'd have to worry about with a turbo. A single turbo LS engine is a whole different ball game compared to say a Cummins Turbo Diesel for example.


I don't know if they have a bolt on supercharger kit for the heavy duty trucks, haven't looked in a while. See what you can find on Magnuson Superchargers.

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OP is at elevation so perhaps that's why he asked about the turbo option. I don't know enough about boosted applications to opine about what would be best for his situation other than the general consensus that turbos don't lose HP with altitude like their normally aspirated brethren, perhaps that's where he's coming from.

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Even at elevation a turbo engine is going to lose horsepower, same with a supercharged engine. The air is less dense no matter what. They both just lose less power than a normally aspirated engine.


A supercharger is still going to beat a turbo when it comes to his needs. He'd have to go with a small twin turbo setup if he wanted it more comparable to a blower but that is super complicated and lots more to go wrong.

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