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2023 Silverado OTA updates

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I know with the big UAW strike and the botched update that GM released back at the end of October there might not have been any more updates released for the truck but just wanted to get input if anyone else has had any OTA updates for their truck or not since October. I have been updating the apps every now and then but have not had too many google apps needing updates and haven't had a single update for my truck since the update that broke the forward collision system and 4 wheel drive at the end of October.


Has anyone else had any updates for their truck itself lately and for those who have a 2022 or an older 2023, do you get the OTA updates when you are not paying for onstar but connect to your WiFi at home? I don't think OTA updates are just for those who pay for onstar and you just need to be on either onstar data or WiFi for it to fetch and install the updates.

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Strike affected all of GM CCA Parts operations and only a couple assembly plants.  Everything else was pretty much up and running so if an update was written, they'd have sent it.  


I'm pretty sure they can push the OTAs no matter what.  Things like app specific OTAs or the Google Maps you need to be connected to internet or have data in the truck.  

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figured i'd bump this thread up and see if anyone has had any OTA's since last years screw up that messed up a bunch of 1500's. I still have no updates from the OTA system, only google play store and the apps within it. Another thread about the 2500's said that when their update was hung it stopped future OTA's from being found even if manually checking for them and the dealer had to apply the updates themselves to fix it. The problem I had last year was a failed update so maybe my truck is no longer going to update itself after that last headache? What version is everyone running on their 2023 for the radio?

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I looked at my kernel version and i'm running on 4.19.207. The build number is W204E-Y169.3.2-QIHM22B-804.1 204 release-keys. From checking the update history on the radio the dealership installed the QIHM22B patch twice so i'm not sure if that would block OTA's like others have mentioned. I'm also not due yet for my oil change to take it to the stealership and see if it will need any updates or try to look up patches online since you need a GM tech account for it.

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