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02 K2500 Avalanche...

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I was at the dealer the other day waiting on a part (whole other story) so I decided while I'm there I'd "spec out" an 02 K2500 Avalanche just for fun.  Surprisingly, adding the 8.1L and the 3/4 ton frame/components was not much different than the 1/2 ton version.  So, I have a couple questions that the sales guy could not answer:

Maybe ScottS can help answer since he has nothing else to do but impatiently wait for his (hehe, just kidding).

If you get the 8.1L and the MN8 4-speed auto tranny, is this the "new" 4L85-E?

The snow plow prep package RPO VYU includes the 130 amp alternator right?  So if you don't get the 130 do you get the standard 105?  Also, on the Subs in the 3/4 version, if you order this option you get the heavier torsion bars, and 1 piece rotors like the dually's.  Does the K2500 Avalanche get this too or just the alternator (only thing listed on the printout).  

Any help on these ?'s is appreciated.


P.S.  The one I spec'd out was with 8.1L, 4:10, locker, Custom Cloth, Roof Carrier, Dealer assist steps, and the snow plow package.  MSRP is ?K my GMO price ?K  (quite a bit less than my Suburban I was surprised)


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Hey Big Blue

Not sure how meuch info I can give ya, but I'll give 'er a try...

Tranny, I haven't been able to get a diffinative answer, but the little info I have gotten points towards the new L85.

I am afraid I know next to nothing about the snow plow prep package.  I know you get beacon wiring and the heavier alternator to drive it.  It would make sense that they would upgrade the torsions and brakes to handle the extra weight, but I have no information to say that this will be the case.

Information on these 2500 is so scarce, it is frustrating to try and make an informed decision.  I will be interested to find what the answers will unltimately be...

Good Luck!


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