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2wd stuck in ditch, stuck in mud,

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yea, i had a pretty eventful weekend. i drove up to FSU to see my girlfriend (I go to University of Miami, the biggest rivals good thing we beat them at like every sport for like 5 years). anywho its about a good 7.5 hour drive, but shes pretty hot so i guess shes worth it. on saturday we were driving through this state park and it was pretty wet outside but the roads were sanding and were not being of any trouble for my 2wd 99 1500. but then somehow we got lost and ended up in some hunting clubs property and i ended up driving into a ditch and getting bottomed out. it sucked. but anyway, 8 hours, 2 tow trucks, and 6 deputys later i was out. this just so happened to happen while tropical storm irene of arlene or which ever it was, was going through north florida.


then the next day i was driving back home in pouring rain and this dumb, probably college, chick driving like a bitch cuts me off and slams on her brakes. so i slam on my and fearing that i might lock up and slide into her civic i swear off into the median a little, completely spin out and get stuck in mud. so im waiting for AAA (who totally left me hanging the day before and wouldnt tow me out) and a fire rescue old beat up pickup with mud tires drives by and helps me out. i wish i could have tipped him for his generousity but i had no cash cause the of tha tow truck guy i had to pay the day before. anyway, florida was pretty crappy this weekend. sooo many accidents on the highways. i saw at least 30 cars wrecked up in the next lane over for about a 1/2 mile strech. im just glad i lived. and i cant believe theres not a scratch of ding or dent or nothing oin my truck. i washed it up yesterday and it looks brand new.


this weekend made me kind of realize that i need to better prepare my truck for the unexpected. some thoughts were


-3" lift

-all terrain tires (thinking something like bf all terrain a/t or dueler revos. i really like the bf mud terrain looks, but im on highway or city roads 95% of the time)

- a winch would be nice (not the i ever expect to get stuck but it would feel nice to pull someone else out :chevy: )


i was reading about the fabtech 3 inch spindle lift and they say that it would work ok with stock rims and stock tires, but not with stock rims and oversized tires. but ok with aftermarket rims and oversized tires. .i have 265/70/r16s. would this really be that serious of an issue. i would like to do the lift first, then save some money, then get the winch (if it looks possible, cause i would really like to do a "in the bumper" winch. that would look sweet), and use the tires i have now up some more before getting new ones.


sorry for this long post. i wish i had this much to write about when i have essays for school.


theres more details about the ditch i got stuck in but i wont get into that

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I had a 99 2wd that I bought the 3" lift from four wheel parts and found out the hard that stock rims and tires would not fit (the rim was rubbing against the A arm). When I took it back the guys at four wheel parts did not know if the FABTECH 3" lift would have the same problem. The rep from four wheel parts then called FABTECH and was told that stock rims would not work with the lift.

This happened to me back in 2000 so you might want to call FABTECH and verify if the stock rims will work or if they still say no.

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shes pretty hot so i guess shes worth it.







A bonified romantic, huh ?!!?



So... uh.... didya score :flag::flag: ?!!!!?





























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So... uh.... didya score  :flag:  :flag:  ?!!!!?







yea, while waiting for the tow truck...






...twice :flag:


i think she thought she was going to die so it put in her the mood. and i just played along. :D <- for flag day





but yeah, 4wd would have been nice, but theres not too many for sale in miami. and i had a pretty tight budget when buying this truck (back in January). and honestly, i never thought i would be leaving the streets. if i ever have enough money to buy a new truck i would get a 4wd. till then i have to deal with whats delt to me.


btw when i got stuck in the ditch i was grounded up on my spare tire. i was able to jack up the truck with enough space to remove the spare tire and then i could have dug out a little bit for my back bumper and set the truck back down on its back tires and i would have been good to go, but i found out that my truck is missing a extention rod for the jack and i was unable to lower my spare tire. the previous owner must have lost it :seeya: .



i just want to point out though:

the reason we got lost and ended up out of this state park was because i let her drive for a while. if only we got stuck when she was driving and she felt horrible for getting my truck stuck... lets just say i would have been too tired to drive back the next day, if you know what im talking about :chevy::)


getting stuck in the median of a highway is embarrassing, it sucks, and i dont recommend it. theres nothing really to do to try to get out. you just got to wait for someone to help you and pray no one runs off the road and kills you.

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"getting stuck in the median of a highway is embarrassing, it sucks, and i dont recommend it. theres nothing really to do to try to get out. you just got to wait for someone to help you and pray no one runs off the road and kills you."


Reminds me of when I got stuck in a neighborhood. I thought I was taking a short cut and took the wrong street. I came up to a dead end road that ended in a large circle. Instaed of slowing down and turning around I just took the circle wide went over some mud that put me in a small ditch. All but the left rear tire was covered in mud. I waited for 2 hours for the tow truck to come. As soon I was back on pavement I went and washed it so that no one would no I had gotten stuck.

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