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a/c blower speed weakens after about 1 hour..



2000 Yukon XL 5.3l with Rear A/C. 100k

This is coming from a friend. He was driving out of town with the a/c on in recirc mode and after about 1 hour he noticed the blower output was weaker. He said like you have it set the to speed 5 and it feels like speed 3. He then tried it with the recirc off and it did the same thing. Is this normal? Is there a in-cabin filter that needs to be changed? Is it just in auto mode? Any help would be great. Thanks.



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Dunno if the Yukon has a cabin filter. Look. Pull it out if it does and see if that corrects the problem. Hard to guess what could be wrong from here, you need to dig a little bit.


Automatic air can change the fan speed by itself if it was in auto, but automatic air doesn't have fan speeds that are numbered, and you mentioned "5" and "3", so it doesn't sound like this truck has auto air.

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