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For Sale - Factory Wheels, Tires, Caps, Mirrors, USB Radio, Speakers


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i have a few for sale threads going that are tying up space. so, its all listed here new or slightly used off my 2011 silverado purchased 3 weeks ago.......


New factory take off aluminum 17s with ~50 miles on them. Comes with New tires, Sensors, Caps and Lugs. $850 local pickup or we can arrange shipping.


I bought a set of DL3 mirrors, so my DL8 mirrors are up for sale. ~200 miles. no dings, nicks or scratches. $90 + the ride.


The DL3s came with a set of Taupe / Storm / Labyrinth Gray Caps and were brand new off the dealer lot. No scratches, bug marks etc. I did break a couple tabs, but i put my Sheer Silver ones on yesterday that were missing tabs and its a non issue. I'll include some double sided tape even though its not needed. $80 + shipping.


i also bought a set of wheels and tires but only needed the tires. so, wheels are up for sale. wont fit our trucks, but maybe a project vehicle? They are 20x10 RBP Chrome 93r's with a 5x4.5 bolt pattern and a +10 or ~6" back spacing. decent shape with a little pitting around the spokes. cheapest price i could find was $450 ea shipped to your door new. i'll take $450 total + shipping.


Factory usb radio. i put in an advent nav unit. make me an offer, not sure what its worth.


i have the factory front door speakers and tweeters as well. pulled them for some focal components. tweeters need to be soldered or crimped since i kept the connector. theres enough wire to do either. $25 + shipping






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Do you have a photo of the wheels mounted on the truck? I may be interested in them.



stock or aftermarket wheels? i dont have pics of either but i can try finding some. just need to know which ones youre looking at. thanks.

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didnt get a pic of the radio yesterday, but heres a google image of the same radio. i'll post mine up tomorrow. 3.5mm jack on the front, and mini usb on the back..... btw, i want to get this stuff sold so its all going to go up on ebay shortly. thanks



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