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Which truck to get??

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So I just sold my Burb, now I'm ready to get a truck again. I am looking at 92-98 models. I have seen several 98's that I like, but a few TBI's(which is the motor I had) are catching my eye. Should I just look for the Vortec engines? Where I live there are no emissions inspections on 95 or older. So I could do a crate motor with no problem. OR, should I look at the 99 and up market. I am trying to stay at $6000 max.

Your thoughts.

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Well, I found a 2000 Sierra with a 4.3L, auto, 2wd, reg cab. I like it and the more I think of it I really don't have use for a V8. If I do I have 2 good freinds who will let me use theirs if need be.

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if your towing that trailer in your pic dont get that V6 sierra.


if your not towing anything, i would definatley reccomend going with a 99+ truck. they are much better. more comfortoble, reliable, powerful, better brakes, and you can find a good 99-02 silverado with decent miles for cheap.


if you dont want a 99+ truck, definatley get a 96+ truck with a vortec

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Got to drive a 2000 full size Chevy, reg cab, 4x4, long bed, 5 speed and used to own a 2004 Sonoma, crew cab, 4x4, automatic. Honestly couldn't tell much difference since the weights were probably about the same between the two. Both were outstanding vehicles. The Chevy was my best friends and needed to move (~300 mile trip, one way) so he drove the U-haul and I followed in his truck. The Sonoma was traded due to wanting a bigger trailer so I got my current Sierra. In my opinion, the 4.3L is a well built and proven engine. I think they should continue to use it personally.

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