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clunking noise

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Hello, I have a 2007 Silverado and am experiencing two problems with it. Problem 1 there is a noise coming from the rear of the truck, either from the leaf spring of rear end, couldn't really tell. Problem 2 is intermittent. When I start the truck sometimes it will rev up to bout 1k to 1500 then shuts off and service air bag light turns on. It does will do this a time or two then starts. Today it took 3 times before it would fire. The thing today, my girlfriend had drove it to pick me up and shut it off. It had maybe been off for 5 minutes when it did this. Thanks, sorry for the long post.

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Really hard to diagnose without being there could be a lot of things I would start with u joints and have a friend walk beside you while you drive to see if you can pin point it.


Good luck others will chime in this forum is great!

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Took it to Autozone and they said they couldn't scan it since the CEL wasn't on. I pulled the neg, see if that clears the codes and maybe fixes the problem. Still working on the noise. Thanks


That's crap, I've had mine checked without lights being on. If they have a good scanner then they can scan regardless. Hope you can get truck fixed quickly, I can understand the frustration.

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Any news on the clunking? I am hearing some clunking noise on my 03 Yukon XL, but it is so random and intermittedly that I can't recreate it when I want to and hard to diagnose. It is when driving (not stopping or starting), and does not occur on every trip, but about every 3 or 4th drive.

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