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140 mph speedo and 135 mph speed limitor


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I would like to see someone post a video of them doing 135 ha ha. I done a quick 200 km/h burst on the 407 (toll 5 lane concrete highway) and noticed the truck felt very floaty. I then laughed to myself because I removed the speed limiter with my Diablo trinity and realized I'll probably never get close to needing it off.



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The point is, who wants a new vehicle with new power and then be regulated at a mere 98 mph. With Texas raised speed limits, there are times you may need a short burst above 98mph or who knows what you may need the speed for but nice that it was raised to 135. Nice to have options vs being regulated. Our tires are only rated for 112 mph on most the trucks, so short burst are all that they can handle. Second, 98 mph can be a problem for the few of us that track our cars and trucks in the 1/4 mile or even the Texas mile for grins. :)

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I hear ya, but seriously doubt your truck is gonna crack 100 in the 1/4


I've had some seriously fast cars w/ suspension and brake mods to accompany the power, and even those that were MADE to travel in excess of 100 w/ ease and handle/stop at those speeds too- I felt unsafe doing it because roads aren't made for it and there could be anything or anyone else on the highway at any minute.


Plus, I grew up riding sport bikes, so nothing really seems "fast" to me anyhow unless its got 2 wheels there's no comparison (Bugatti not withstanding lol!) sport bikes are great for a speed fix, they can shave speed off nearly as quickly as you can pack it on w/ phenomenal brakes and light weight, and if shit does hit the fan more than likely the only person getting killed is the rider.


In a 3 ton truck w/ a floaty suspension and all terrain tires and mini wussy brakes you're putting everyone else at risk.

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You should never drive these trucks much more than 80 period. You wanna go fast? Get something made for it.


That's absurd. Central Texas has a highway with a limit of 85. My 2011 is perfectly stable/controllable at that kind of speed. It's all about using your head. Obviously that kind of speed is only prudent with light traffic.

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Yeah, I agree with the sentiment if talking about 130 MPH on public roads, but 80 is silly. The trucks of today are safer at 80+ than those of 15 years ago were at 65. Those actually had "mini wussy brakes," the trucks of today often have brakes larger than some expensive sports cars had a few years ago (one of the few benefits of the "larger wheel fad" which has grown over the last decade).

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